Brandt gnsolidsamerica shaker screen introduce

economical design, rugged performance All Cobra shakers share the same simple design and rugged components. The high performance of these shakers can be attributed to the unique features of the vibratory basket design,With minimal replacement parts, Cobra shakers provide years of dependable, economical service. Performance is exceptional:detrimental drilled solids are removed with efficient linear motion. Fluid loss is minimized and cuttings dryness is enhanced with Brandt’s patented drying deck and our new flow direction tray. The drying deck also saves space by reducing the overall footprint.Dual Cobra shakers have a common backtank, reducing
installation time and cost, while ensuring a balanced flow to each shaker screen.The drive system is simple, reliable, low-maintenance and field proven.
Brandt’s Hammerwedge design makes screen changes fast and simple.Brandt’s exclusive Red Diamond™,Ultra-Flow BHX™ screen is field-repairable.The screen plug forms a tight, leak-proof seal.Contour Plus basket designs mount the feed end panel at 0° and the other panels uphill at +5°. This minimizes liquid pools and reduces undue weight on screens.With features like Contour Plus and Brandt’s patented drying deck, Cobra shakers save valuable fluids, remove detrimental drilled solids, extend screen life and optimize screen coverage. Brandt has the solution to your separation and waste management problems.We are one of the Companies


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