all gn company Desilter model

GNZS83-3 Desilter retains 3 computers associated with shaker display. It’s a linear movement Desilter. The actual display region is actually 830 By 1080mm through 3. Then your complete shaker display region is actually two. 7 sq. michael or even twenty-eight. 9 sq. foot. The largest vibration power is actually 7. 0G, nevertheless, it’s flexible through modifying the actual odd prevent within engines.

The two vibration engines upon GNZS83-3 is actually 1. 72KW or even 1. 8KW. The actual dual amplitude is actually 5. 5~6. 0mm. The actual display outdoor patio change position is actually -1~5. The actual Kem-Tron KTL-48-Tango Desilter may be the retains giant screen region along with big dealing with capability. The entire display is actually 56 sq. foot.

Once we understand, you will find 2 patio’s display about this Desilter. Nevertheless, the actual efficient shaker display is simply the 2nd outdoor patio display. You will find 3 computers displays additionally and also the display region is actually 717 By 1245mm through 3. After that it’s as much as two. 7 sq. michael. or even twenty-eight. 8 sq. foot. The actual drilling liquids following dealing with the very first outdoor patio shaker display may fall under 2nd outdoor patio. Then your actual procedure is actually starting. Concerning the shaker display upon KTL-48-Tango, it ought to be KPT-28, KPT-40, KDX.


KEM-TRON companies linear movement Desilter. Shaker choices consist of solitary or even dual outdoor patio, someone to 6 display sections, twin or even solitary stage jacking program, co2 or even stainless, linear movement. The most popular functions tend to be because subsequent:

The actual shaker display with regard to each Desilter is nearly exact same. Whilst GNZS83-3 is really a little bit bigger than KTL-48-Tango. They’re each linear movement kind. Each all of them maintain powerful vibration pressure as much as 7. 0G. The actual distinction may be the shaker display set up kind. Nevertheless the each technique tend to be simple procedure.

 Regardless of GNZS83-3 Desilter or even KTL-48-Tango, they’re well-liked by nicely drilling companies. The actual Desilter are thought because fantastic very first phase solids manage tools. At present, nicely drilling is definitely building quickly the actual drilling dirt tools needs as well as improvement will also be growing inconceivably. If you would like more information about the company, please visit our web service platform:


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