Go for GN Solids Control, Get the Best Solution

GN Solids Control offers complete drilling fluid unit and system to supply to our customers. In addition, GN will help our customers to select the most effective units for their project.

Solids Control Equipment (Mud Recycle Units)

GN Solids Control equipment is including shale shaker, mud conditioner and decanter centrifuge. GN solids control equipment has committed to maximum recovery the drilling fluids. The four phase mud recycle units are capable of separating the solids down to the 2~5 microns. GN Solids Control product line is covering a host of applications from simple to sophisticated processes. More sophisticated equipment like decanter centrifuge is specially designed to deal with higher volumes, finer cut points, and difficult media applications. Our solids control equipment is capable of handling with those sophisticated applications are serviced by few competitors. GN Solids Control units and systems are regularly being challenged by new requests from all over the world.

Mud Mixing System

GN Mud mixing system incorporates mud gun, mud agitator, jet mud mixing system etc. Regardless of project size and complexity, GN will apply our operational and engineering experience to design a mud mixing system that meets and exceed customers’ expectations. Consequently, GN fabricate the mud mixing system required to perform efficiently and safely. GN mud mixing system quickly achieve the proper mud weight and density to contribute the Rate of Peneration

Drilling fluids Safe Equipment

GN safe equipment is including vacuum degasser, mud tank, mud gas separator and flare igniter.

Both vacuum degasser and mud gas separator maximum remove the dangerous and hazardous gas from the drilling fluid. Flare igniter is connected with the mud gas separator to burn down all of dangerous gas in order to provide a safe working environment.

It is widely acknowledged that GN system perfect fit for oil & gas, HDD, CBM and water well drilling project in all parts of the world where water conservation and waste management is a priority.


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