Solids Control Equipment For Oil&Gas Drilling Rig

While doing oil&gas drilling, you will need solids control equipments to recycling drilling mud, storage and mixing for drilling mud. A Solids control system contains different equipments to separate drilling cuttings and other particals out and mix new mud for use.


Solids Control Equipments Introduction


  1. Poor boy degasser will connect with choke manifold to separate gas out from mud, it is normally red color for warning.
  2. Shale shaker is the first phase cleaning machine to separate solids 200-400 microns solids out by screen panel with different shaker screen Vibrator motors will supply power to allow shaker deck vibrating with shaker screen to help fluids drop down and cuttings will discharge faster.
  3. Desander cone is designed to separate solids above 50 microns while desilter cone separate solids above 20 microns. The designed same principle but different size to reach different performance and applications.
  4. Decanter centrifuge is designed to separate solids 2-7 microns by choosing different model. Normally high speed decanter centrifuge will separate 2-5 microns and middle speed centrifuge separate solids 5-7 microns. You can choose middle speed or high speed depending on your drilling conditions or maybe you can choose both .
  5. Vacuum degasser normally layed after shakers and before desander to separate gas from drilling mud and protect centrifugal pump from gas. China designed vacuum degasser normally selfsuction and no need a feeding pump which is different with US vacuum degasser.
  6. Mud agitators will be installed on mud tank to agitating mud in tank and avoid mud settling down, so agitators normally working continuously when there are mud in tank.
  7. Mud gun can reach 2 different application, the first one same with mud agitator to flush mud corner to avoid sand settling down, the other application is transfer mud like mud gun in trip tank.

There are mud tanks, tank attachments, pumps(, etc to make a complete solids control system


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