500gpm Mud System for HDD & TBM

The GN 500 GPM mud treatment system is applied for recycling, cleaning the drilling fluids coming from the drilling rig. Through the user-own mud pump, mud can be sent to inlet manifolds of the system. This system can eliminate sands less than 20μm in size, and supply drilling rigs with satisfied drilling fluids.

As the purpose is different, though 500gpm for HDD or TBM have nearly same equipment, same structure, they get different design.

While we all know TBM have very big particles, then it must have a coarse seiveing screen separation, then we normally prepare a double deck shaker at the first stage. The system for HDD one deck is enough.

Regarding the working process of the recycling system, for the TBM:
Firstly, start up the shaker box locking device of GNZS706E-HB linear motionl shale shaker & GNZJ703E-8N mud cleaner(as its operation please refer to the related user manual) in Recycling Tank, and have a trying operation. Then start up pumps.

Now we get the difference, different as the normal 3 phase, or 2 phase separation in solids control system, we must have different compartment for sediment, then we can get better solution, lower density / viscocity, closer to the water result.


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