Drilling Waste Management

As every one of us understand, oil and gas drilling produce a huge quantity of cuttings and waste drilling mud. Solids control system has been used to clean up and recollect spent mud.  At present, to comply with the regulations on drilling waste disposal and for observing environmental obligation, oil and gas companies are confronted with the issues and challenges of dealing with the drilling waste and have to set up a drilling waste management system.

Prior to now, some drilling waste management did not protect the environment or public health. Currently, online drilling waste management is normally adopted. The drilling cutting will be immediately brought into the vertical cutting dryer as soon as the cuttings are discharged by the shale shakes. One other optional approach is offline management, which is able to requires more sophisticated process.

GN Solids Control America now offers a complete line of drilling waste management equipment for cuttings’ treating. GN Solids Control also supply a total range of solids control equipment, mud recycling equipment, mud mixing equipment. Besides, GN solids control is capable of designing a whole drilling waste management system, solids control system, and mud recycling system. Not too long ago, GN has one unit of mud recycling system ready for delivery to western Africa. In this unit of system, GN’s high configuration decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer have been installed.

Solids Control System 7


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