Drilling Waste System from GN

Via a couple of years changing, GN has accomplished many a the very first. GN may be the first API licensed output of solids control equipment in China GN may be the first manufacture in China that can design and manufacture vertical cutting dryer and G dryer shaker. Being an expert in solids control and drilling waste management, GN is pursuing more firsts.


Lately, one of cutting dryer system for drilling waste is finished in GN. It’s specifically created for a Cyprus client. This cutting waste cutting dryer product is composed through the following equipment.

  1. A set of vertical cutting dryer with PLC control panel available. The cutting dryer’s speed differs from 0 to 900 revoltions per minute.
  1. A set of screw pump, which is often used to eliminating screens within the vertical cutting dryer to prevent obstructing.


  1. A set of submersible slurry pump, which pumps the mud towards the decanter centrifuge to get rid of the ultra fine solids out.
  1. A set of decanter centrifuge using the typical dealing with capacity of 132 GPM. The rate of the decanter centrifuge could be modified from 0 to 3200 revoltions per minute.
  1. Detachable mud tank for vertical cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge and mud collecting tank.

Regarding the working procedure for this cutting dryer system for drilling waste, it mainly includes the below three.

1.Waste cuttings released from shale shaker and mud cleaner will directly be moved towards the vertical cutting dryer through screw conveyor.

2.While being processed through the vertical cutting dryer, solids is going to be released in the bottom gate of the cutting dryer and also the fluids will flow towards the collecting tank.

3.The submersible slurry pump will transfer the mud to decanter centrifuge for more process and contaminants over 2 microns is going to be separated out.

GN’s vertical cuttings dryer is appropriate for the OBM and WBM, please click below link for video around the vertical cuttings dryer performance.

Solids Control System 7


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