GN Double Deck Mud Cleaner Utilized in Complete TBM System

Lately, GN Solids Control has manufactured an entire TBM system having a dewatering unit, unless other complete systems with dewatering parts, this technique can’t adopt 2 sets decanter centrifuges, on the contrary, it utilizes a double deck mud cleaner prior to the dewatering unit. What equipment utilized before dewatering unit generally? A dewatering unit is definitely utilized following the drilling waste management system. When the fluid was treated through the former step, high-G shaker and decanter centrifuge continues to be not clean enough, the operator may adopt dewatering by flocculation and separate the solids phase with another decanter centrifuge. Here flocculation means to help make the more compact contaminants into bigger ones. What’s the main difference of the system? Within this system, just one decanter centrifuge GNLW553 can be used as dewatering centrifuge following the flocculation. Before this can be a shale shaker along with a double deck mud cleaner. The shale shaker would separate as initial step, with coarse shaker screens, and double deck mud cleaner GNZJ-3S16N may play a role as desander, desilter and double steps of shale shaker. The low deck screen is first separation part of mud cleaner with comparable coarse screens as the upper deck is finer like a drying shale shaker for that desander and desilter cones. By this means, the highly efficient shale shaker & mud cleansers, with several levels of shaker screens, along with hydrocyclones, assist with the entire system to take the place of the decanter centrifuge. By this means, the drilling mud treated through the GNZS shale shaker and GNZJ594-3S16N Mud cleaner could directly makes its way into in to the drilling waste management system for future use, or might be treated with dewatering unit otherwise if the proportion is not so ideal compared as optional. And there’s additionally a tank for storage the ready for use drilling mud following the complete separation line. This customized design opens a brand new page in this area. If you need similar solution, please make a connection with us freely.

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