Noise production from decanter centrifuge

Noise is the sound that is not pleasant to hear for the ear. The cause of making the sound is pressure fluctuations that is in the air, that are detected by the ear.  Human hearing range frequencies that can detectable from 20Hz to 20,000Hz.  Machines can create noise in various way.  Noise production can be identify as one of following mechanisms:


  • Vortex Noise. Vortex noise is from vortices that are scrape off periodically from the wakes of trailing edges of moving surfaces.  The bolt head on the decanter that holding the bowl segments together and the wear plates that located on solid discharge ports is an example of vortex noise.
  • Siren Noise. Periodic air compression create siren noise, which air is trapped in a semi-enclosed area which is compressed and emits volume of air explosions.  For example is decanter is the flow out of the air from the bowl parts and into the air space that fluctuates in size because the rotation of the bowl.
  • Acceleration Noise. Acceleration due to impact that cause surface to vibrate.  During the mechanism test this noise was not present but it will be during the normal operation of the decanter centrifuge because the solids and liquid s are flow out of rotating bowl and land the hopper.
  • Vibration noise. The imbalance of the rotation bowl result the vibration noise of the machinery’s surface.  For example, imbalance of the decanter’s rotating bowl causing vibrations within the base, hopper and gearbox guard.
  • Frictional Noise – Frictional noise is from one surface moving over another surface. An example of this is v-belts of the decanter moving against the drive pulley.


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