200gpm HDD Mud Recycling Unit

200gpm compact mud system still have different customized options, different tank size, different equipment. For less capacity, which maximum capacity is 200gpm, then we can use a double deck shaker, c/w desilter cones on top. If we need run it normally at 200gpm, then a better option will be a  shaker and a desilter, one deck shaker, with desilter cones on top.

GN have muture experience on design such systems, 200gpm mud recycling unit have been operating all over the world, in Mongonia, in Australia, in UK, Korea, Africa and so on.

To save cost, the tank will normally be designed to be put into container, for international business, uh, it is important that we do not need too much storage capacity on site.

For small HDD project, the limitation on site is a big issue, the mud system is for environmental protection, also a part of tool, equipment to help the contractor to earn money. So a giant tank is meaningless.

With years of experience on HDD mud recycling unit manufacturing, and also by help of feedback and suggestion from clients all over the world, especially Australia, where clients are particlure on quality, convenience, except the strict law & standard on all details.

Absorbing advantages from oversea design, with our engineers hard work, we have developed our own mini shaker GNZS752E for the small systems, or keep it as an economic option for some system, but replace the old one motor slop shale shaker. The two screen shaker is also working effciently when it is used as a separate shaker.

That is what is using in this 200gpm HDD mud recycling unit.

For the compact HDD 200gpm mud system, it contains double deck shaker GNZY753E-Y4N, and related pumps, jet mixer and mud guns, put on a 4meters tank.

Another solution is one shaker GNZS752E, one desilter cleaner GNZJ752E-4N, and related pumps, jet mixer and mud guns, put on a 6meters tank.

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