Ways to choose the proper centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge is essential equipment for oil and gas drilling area, specifically for solids control and drilling waste management. You will find different centrifuge model with various speed. How you can match proper centrifuge speed for various projects? It is really an important problem.


Question 1: Buying fixed speed centrifuge or variable speed centrifuge?


Answer:  to be able to choose the best centrifuge model, we must be aware of distinction between the fixed speed centrifuge and variable speed centrifuge in structure.


Fixed speed centrifuge: with one small electrical control panel cabinet, which is placed on the centrifuge grating base. This panel is completely sealed Ex-proof panel, no air comes in or emerge. Cost of fixed speed centrifuge is comparatively lower.


Variable speed centrifuge: with one separate control panel cabinet. This cabinet is larger than fixed speed panel and can’t install on centrifuge grating base. This panel is positive pressurized control panel, Ex-proof, climate give you the panel continuously throughout operation to create insides positive pressurized. Cost of variable speed centrifuge is comparatively greater than fixed speed centrifuge.


When the customer only would like to make use of the centrifuge for just one usage, like barite recovery and just need one middle speed like 1800rpm, the consumer can pick GN fixed speed centrifuge GNLW452.


When the customer are interested one centrifuge and utilize it for various project, including barite recovery, mud weight cutting, dewatering system, waste water, drilling waste management. The consumer may buy variable speed centrifuge for flexible application.


Conclusion:  Buying fixed speed centrifuge or variable speed centrifuge please read the project particulars first.


Question 2:  How to select the rate if you have variable speed in jobsite?


Answer:  we simply take an instance. Whenever we in rig site for mud weight cutting with variable speed centrifuge, we test the centrifuge in various speed cooperation with mud engineer. We decide centrifuge speed, differential speed, feeding speed and obtain spun sentences as below. You’ll find 2300rpm is much better results.



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