GN Decanter Centrifuge & Vertical Cutting Dryer

With the more strict environmental regulations conducted, it is not allowed to discharge drilling waste directly, but required the oil content in the drilling waste be lower than 6%. So drilling waste management systems and machines are requited more and more. To face this trend and challenge, GN solids control has developed vertical cutting dryer which can effectively dry the drilling waste and reach to the standard for discharge, and also, GN decanter centrifuge is combined to make a complete set of drilling waste management system. Also, GN updated the designed of its decanter centrifuge.


GN vertical cutting dryer not only can handle oil-based mud waste, but also water-based mud waste. Last year, GN vertical cutting dryer, and also drilling waste management system were exported. One set was exported to Cyprus and the customer was satisfied with the treating effect; four sets are exported to Russia, and now they are working in the winter in Russia; also one set is working in Sichuan province, China for shell project; also one set to Africa. At 2015, GN vertical cutting dryer has been updated with more and more advantages, and small model was developed.


The updated decanter centrifuges still has the below advantages of the last edition.

  1. The cylindrical and conical section of the bowl is made form duplex stainless steel 2205 which is better than stainless steel 316L. Stainless steel 316 is always adopted by China’s other solids control company, even stainless steel 304 is adopted.
  2. The bowl is manufactured by centrifugal cast which means that the bowl has a better balance. Only the decanter centrifuges pass the balance test, they can be delivered.
  3. Tungsten carbide tile is attached on the screws to protect the screw from wear, and when the tungsten carbide tiles is worn out, it is easy and convenient to replace with re-doing the balance test.



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