Hydracyclone separator: desander, desilter and mud cleaner

Desander, desilter and mud cleaner is easily the most common type hydracyclone separator machine utilized in drilling area, like gas and oil drilling, water well drilling, Geothermal power drilling, Coal Mattress Methane drilling, Horizontal Directional drilling and so forth.

Hydracyclone separator desander desilter and mud cleaner can be used after shale shaker, after which desander, desilter can be used after desilter. Per the jobsite condition and also the mud drilling rig request on mud, only desander or desilter separator can be used, or not one of them be utilized.

You will find different kind of Hydracyclone separator. They’ve various features that customers can pick the appropriate model.

Design 1: Only Desander or desilter Hydracyclone set up, without underflow shale shaker.

Option models for desander: GNWSE-2S / GNWSE-3S

Option models for desilter: GNWSE-12N / GNWSE-16N

Forte: The straightforward type desander and desilter are by using side-discharge design. It’s with small footprint. And cost lower.

Weak spot: Hydracyclone isn’t D100 separator. If there’s no shale shaker separator underneath the hydracyclone parts, performance won’t be excellent. Some large size solids may flow in to the tank mud system.

Conclusion: If you will find only a little space on tank and customers wish to save cost. Desander and desilter without underflow shale shaker ought to be the ideal choice. It’s used is subterranean construction system little mud system although not utilized for deep gas and oil drilling.

Design 2: Desander desilter having a small size under flow shale shaker.

Option models for desander: GNZJ752E-1S / GNZJ752E-2S

Option models for desilter: GNZJ752E-8N / GNZJ752E-12N

Forte: With separate shale shaker underneath the hydracyclone set up, drilling liquids could be separated by screens before falling into tank system. And cost is nice.

Weak spot: The little size shale shaker cannot end up with good separation result, and large capacity unavailable.

Conclusion: It’s used in compact mud system for Hard disk drive, CBM etc… And a few work over rig mud system.

Design 3: Desander desilter having a large size under flow shale shaker. Both desander and desilter Hydracyclone could be mounted within the same shale shaker. Compact design and finest separation can satisfy the clients. The cost probably the most high one of the 3 designs and gratification best. When slowly move the Hydracyclone set up. You can use it like a separate solids control shale shaker.


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