GN Solids Control Equipment Lower Your Environment Footprint

GN Solids control system involves the effective use of shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuges to process drilling liquids and take away the expected solids just before, during and after the drilling process. We mainly supplies three phases of solids control system including just before drilling: mud mixing system, throughout drilling: mud reclaim system after drilling: drilling cuttings waste management system.


GN is extremely familiar with offering qualified solids control equipment for all sorts of drilling liquids around the world.

Just before Drilling

Mud mixing product is requested mixing a myriad of chemical to formulate the drilling liquids. Generally, we use the centrifugal pump, venturi hopper even shear pump for circulating and mixing drilling mud. The capability of centrifugal pump varies from 200GPM to 1408 GPM. Shear pump is capable of doing reducing the price of mixing polymers and clays while enhance the mud qualities. Also, we make use of the mud agitator and mud gun to suspense solids prevent from sediment. Regarding towards the customer’s requirement, we could customerize the size of shaft of mud agitator and period of mud gun.

During Drilling

Solids Control equipment can handle claiming back the drilling liquids. Technically, we provide the number of equipment including shale shaker, desander, desilter the mixture of desander cones and desilter cones and decanter centrifuge. The 4 steps of solids control equipment remove different size solids so as keep your drilling liquids property

After Drilling

Drilling cuttings waste management product is use for processing the drilling cutting s throughout drilling after drilling. Especially, drilling cuttings waste management product is for offshore project. When offshore project produce some drilling cuttings, contractor normally keep your cuttings and subsequently reclaim within the land. Therefore, our drilling cuttings waste management product is broadly utilized for onshore and offshore drilling project.  Our area experienced specialist staff works to make sure that each project includes a solution enhanced for that drilling cutting being disposed.

GN will provide high quality products and best after sale service for your project.


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