Solids Control Equipment for No Dig

Typically, GN Solids Control devices are mainly utilized for the oil & gas drilling project. Together with no search program requirement, our solids control devices are also identified by no search program including horizontal directional drilling, trenchless, construction and CBM. Evaluating with large amount of oil & gas drilling requirement, no search program typically need a small capacity volume system to recycle the drilling liquids including 200GPM, 350GPM and 500GPM

350gpm mud recycling system


  1. Shale shaker: Regarding to dependence on drilling capacity, we’ll choose the related shaker to complement with system to be able to take away the large solids within the liquids. GN double deck shaker has the capacity to deal with complicated solids so shaker maximum separate different size contaminants
  1. Desander or Desilter: probably the most no search program, customer favors to choose desander or desilter models rather than shaker to reclaim the liquids. Based on actual drilling liquids volume, we could install some, 6 or 8 sets of desilter cones or one or two group of desander cones on top of shaker to get rid of fine contaminants.
  1. Jet mud mixer: GN jet mud mixer consists of the hopper and centrifugal pump. GN jet mud mixer plays a huge role in mixing the drilling chemical along with other energy to supply sufficient drilling liquids.
  1. Tank: GN tank is made from high standard welding technical compliance to worldwide regulation. Sand blast and fresh paint make sure the tank anti-rust. Our engineer can design the little footprint tank with effective capacity. We make use of the limit space to set up the all of the equipment to be able to lessen the operating space.

GN has sent many solids control systems for no dig program. We manufacture an entire line of shakers, desilter, desander and pump packages to satisfy with this customer’s expectation.

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