How to select GN decanter centrifuge according to rotating speed

GN Solids Control Co. insists on supplying top quality solids control and drilling waste management systems for several years, you will find clients from over 60 nations are utilizing GN devices and mud system. Through the fast development, GN now has a new built a new factory near the current factory and has a branch company in the United States and Russia.


In 2014, GN Solids Control was focusing on the storage of solids control devices and spares during these two branch companies. At this time, GN Solids America has 4 shale shakers, 2 mud cleansers, 2 decanter centrifuges in Houston warehouse, and soon a number of spare parts will also be stored here.


As GN decanter centrifuge is very popular, we’ve offered about 250 sets each year. Today we wish to provide you with some brief introduction regarding how to choose GN decanter centrifuge with different rotating speed. The rotating speed in addition to differential speed is very essential for the performance of decanter centrifuge. The biggest rotating speed isn’t necessarily the fit solution.


  1. For barite recovery, you should use GNLW452 in the rotating speed of 1800 revolutions per minute, while for GNLW363 you should use 2200 revolutions per minute fix speed.


  1. For top gravity solids separation, we advise to make use of GNLW452 or GNLW363 in the rotating speed of 2700 revolutions per minute. If outfitted with cuttings dryer, you should use GNLW363 with 2700 revolt ions per minute lever.


  1. For low gravity solids, we advise to make use of GNLW363 outfitted using the 3200 revolutions per minute lever.


  1. For solids control system, some GNLW452 and some GNLW363 is completely OK, the rotating speed could be 2700 revolutions per minute or 3200RPM.


  1. It’s brief that you could choose variable speed decanter centrifuge if you’re not so obvious concerning the solids condition. And you may select the rotating speed quite easily once the solids condition is changing.

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