GN Solids Removal Package Unit for Core Drilling

In certain mining projects, prior to the exploitation, the contractor prefer to do some research the geological condition. Typically the most popular method is by using the main drilling machine to obtain some sample from the stratum. By examining the stratum sample, the mining operator would acquire some fundamental information such as the mineral reserves and just what type of the mineral it’s.350gpm mud recycling system

When obtaining the sample from the stratum, the companies always affect make use of the core drilling machine to obtain a series column shape stratum. The drilling bit is a kind of pipe, nothing like the drilling task for gas and oil, the main drilling not require an excessive amount of drilling liquids to awesome lower the drill pit and go ahead and take cuttings out of the drilling whole. However, to be able to make certain the greater performance from the drilling process, the drilling contractor always will receive a solids removal unit to split up the drilling cuttings in the drilling liquids.

The solids removal package unit specifically for core drilling designed and made by GN Solids Control was already applied on-site and also the performance was demonstrated good.

In GN’s solids removal package unit, the gear involved is really as below:

Shale shaker type of GNZS752 with 2 panel screens, which is often used because the first stage solids getting rid of unit to split up the bigger size solids within the drilling dirt.

High-speed decanter centrifuge GNLW223 also is the important thing equipment within this solids removal unit. It might run in a typical speed of 3800 RMP that ensure a great performance for dewatering. The semi-dry solids released out of the centrifuge unit might be moved easily.

Thinking about the advantages of the little footprint, this solids getting rid of unit was created structure compact and also the dirt tank has only 2 compartments individually for use for sand settling and dirt mixing. The centrifuge pump utilized in this technique could both transfer the dirt to centrifuge and dirt mixing. This dual function centrifugal pump saves great energy cost and cuts down on the system size.

For that energy supply, GN may also give a heavy duty diesel generators being an option.

GN Solids Control is welcoming the client worldwide arrived at us for find out more about the main drilling solids removal unit.

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