New Drilling Waste Management System attended Sichuan, China Oil Show

In March 2015, a nationwide Oil Show has held in Sichuan Province, China. A lot of companies, both from domestic China and abroad, have attended the Oil Show. With this Oil Show, GN Solids Control exhibited the new designed drilling waste management system GNDC-40B.

Sichuan Province situated in east of China, there are several drilling rig providers and oil area service companies. Some worldwide oil companies also have branch or jobsite there. Just this past year, this same system which GN showed for that oil show was ordered by a jobsite of Shell, in Sichuan Province.

1108 shell drilling cuttings management

This technique is combined by using devices:

  1.  GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge. This centrifuge is really a 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuge. For the similar model, GN is promoting towards the third generation, with a lot of enhancements. Every year, GN sells 150 teams of centrifuges, 70% which are this model. This centrifuge could provide various programs for gas and oil drilling projects, like solids control decanter centrifuge, waste management decanter centrifuge and dewatering centrifuge. For the similar model, GN has fixed speed one and VFD control panel one for selection, for fixed speed one, GN could provide 3 optional belt and lever for that consumer for doing things in various conditions, as well as for VFD controlled one, more optional speed might be arrived at by way of the three VFD controlled models for primary motor, back motor and feeding pump.
  2.  GNCD930C Vertical cuttings dryer, this is actually the former step separation equipment for decanter centrifuge. Since GN designed the very first vertical cuttings dryer in China, GNCD series vertical cuttings dryer is to the next generation. This recently enhanced model GNCD930C is demonstrated to match because of not only OBM and SBM as traditional vertical cuttings hairdryers, but additionally appropriate for WBM. For that Vertical Cuttings dryer, GN also provide fixed speeded and VFD controlled available.

If you have any inquiry, please make a connection with GN sales.

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