GN Skid Mud System

GN Skid Mud System is a customized drilling mud recycling and cleaning system for drilling rigs manufactured by GN based on clients’ needs. This mud system includes a working capacity of 45 m3/h. This mud system is made to include 2 stages of solids control and clarification procedure. For this compact structure, this mud system combines a shale shaker along with a desilter right into a desilter mud cleaner whose model is GNZY753E-4N. First stage separation is as simple as a GNZS753E linear motion shale shaker, and 2nd stage consists of a 4N Desilter along with a GNSB4*3A-11J Centrifugal Pump. Centrifugal pump provides enough energy to transfer drilling mud towards the Desilter for centrifugal separation. Meanwhile, a GNSLM20A Mixing Hopper is a component of tank to replenish making drilling mud which meets needs for drilling.


The structure of GN Skid Mud System including mud treating tank,GNZY753E-Y4N Desilter, GNSB4*3A-11J Centrifugal Pump, GNSLM20 Mixing Hopper, GNNJQ50A-3rd generation Mud Gun, electric control and ladder, handrail, pathway and pipeline. This mud system has compact structure and rational layout, and simple for installation & dissembles. The desilter is really a 2 stage treatment machine using the underflow shale shaker for first stage treatment, and so the desilter for second stage treatment. After which it will likely be pumped with the mixing hopper to become added things, to ensure that the mud is going to be clean enough to become re-utilized for recycling.

Purpose of GN Skid Mud System: drilling liquid (mud) from drilling well consists of a lot of silt. The mud is going to be communicated to drilling machine by mud pump supplied by customer. Drilling liquid with drilling cuttings makes its way into this mud system via shale shaker, and contaminants bigger than 25|ìm is going to be separated and released after treatment. Within this procedure, this mud system offers the drilling machine with proper drilling mud.

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