GN Solids Control Equipment with Explosion Proof

GN Solids Control is a top brand for solids control and drilling waste management in China. As everyone knows, all of the solids control devices that utilized in the drilling worksite have to confirm the explosion proof standard because of the harmful air.

Today we wish to provide you a brief introduction on explosion proof of GN solids control systems and waste management systems.

You will find several popular explosion proof standard that is IECEX, ATEX and CSA, another standard will also be exist for example US NEC. The area classification is dependent on the appearance of flammable material, varying from present continuously, present occasionally and present abnormally.

Now all the GN solids control tools or drilling waste management systems are utilizing anti explosion motors and control cabinet, to allow them to be utilized in various regions that have various explosion proof standard. Within the domestic market, there is EXdIIBt4 standard GN tools with IECEX.

All the explosion standards are divided in line with the distance in the drilling rig center. The middle area is known as Zone 1 area although some distance far in the center is known as Zone 2 area. It’s undoubtedly the greater the conventional, the greater safe for workers. However, the GN solids control tools are thinking about the security and economical simultaneously.

Let’s take US explosion proof standard for example. Explosion proof for class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D T5 means:

  1. Explosion proof means kind of protection
  1. Class 1 means allowed class
  1. Division 1 means allowed division division 2 is optional for lower explosion proof standard
  1. Groups means allowed group from the to D
  1. T5 means temperature class, T6 is optional.

Now Us standard is starting to transfer its explosion proof standard from Class 1, Division 2 to Class 1, Division 1 as Canada is enhancing its CSA standard. Shale shakers, mud cleansers and decanter centrifuges etc should comply with a greater demand within the further, whereas they’re comply with the category 1, Division 2 standard.

To learn more, please visit GN website.

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