Decanter Centrifuge for Energy, Construction, Exploration

GN designed and also produced decanter centrifuge may be applied for different industries similar to energy ( oil and also gas drilling solids control system, drilling waste management, oil sludge separation, tank bottom cleaning, dewatering unit), construction( tunneling, bored loads machine, HDD, etc) along with mining( diamond core drilling waste water separation). Whenever adopted the centrifuges in numerous applications, we will use models with different treating capacity.

decanter centrifuge-2
Right this moment we have 8 basic types of decanter centrifuge, and each type centrifuge have 2 ways for rated speed control panel or VFD control panel, for each model rated velocity centrifuge, we provide 3 as well as 2 speed pulleys with regard to replacement, for example , for GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge, it could be along with 3200rpm pulley when ex-works, and extra 2 pulleys along with 2200rpm, 2700rpm for barite recovery and high the law of gravity solids. If you need VFD decanter centrifuge, we provide different options with assorted price, the premium centrifuge with full stainless steel stuff cover of the VFD control panel, 3 variable occurrence for main motor, back again drive motor and pump motor, with PLC clever control with touch screen, and positive pressurized. We all also have economic options if you choose not have enough budget, two motor variable frequency in addition to carbon steel material deal with with normal Chinese market proof will be considered with regard to cheaper price.
And we could make customized control panel depending on the client’s requirement for the market proof standard, like IEC EX, ATEX, class just one division 1, zone two, etc .
For the centrifuge key bowl assembly, we have 2 options, premium centrifuge with tungsten carbide flooring protection on the screw propeller, or economic centrifuge together with ceramics tiles protection within the screw. When there is not a lot solids content and less cut, economic centrifuge with more affordable price could be considered.
To pick a best model of GN decanter centrifuge for Power, Construction, Mining, pls connection with GN solids control team.


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