GN Middle East big order is below delivery

GN Solids Control got big solids control equipment order from Midsection East big giant together with oil drilling solids control service. The client release buy with down payment in Drive this year and we already complete the 5 million dollar gear production. GN warehouse abounds with equipment and ready to deliver to help Abu Dhabi, Middle Far east. The end user is ADCO, Abu Dhabi Company intended for Onshore Petroleum Operations Limited.
1) 14inch Variable pace centrifuge
GN brand decanter centrifuge is replacement centrifuge to get Swaco centrifuge, or derrick centrifuge, or NOV brandt centrifuges. They have similar performing principle, similar design, comparable production material and also comparable working performance. That is why we all call our centrifuge while replacement centrifuge for U . S . brand centrifuges. In the past several years, market share of GN centrifuge is drilling up in fast pace. And the year production involving GN decanter centrifuge is also increased twofold to meet the market demand.

2) 18inch big bowl decanter centrifuge
GN 18inch centrifuge can perform higher treating capacity in the better working performance. Often the centrifuge can be used for quickly drilling, waste management, solids control etc .
3) GN can also offer different type projection screens, which can be put on US company shale shakers .
Replacement shaker screen to get Derrick FLC 500/2000 screen, PWP type or PMD type. With SS316 or maybe SS304 wire mesh screen.
Replacement screen for Scomi shaker screen, carbon stainlesss steel frame screen with high class & longer lifetime.
Substitution shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose screen, composite stuff and carbon steel both equally available. Price is different, amalgamated material screen with much longer lifetime with higher price tag.
Replacement shaker screen with regard to NOV brandt king cobra screen. Carbon steel structure screen, with stainless steel SS304 / SS316 screen.
Substitute shaker screen for FSI5000 Essential fluids mud cleaning System screen. Carbon metallic frame screen with appropriate size
GN Solids Control, as China leading company of solids control tools & drilling waste management equipment , will truly support each client with good quality equipment & realistic price.


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