The have an effect on of drilling mud within the drilling process and control method

Mud system is probably the important equipment in essential oil drilling equipment, in the current international requirements for drilling technological know-how and drilling cuttings beneath the basis of increasingly improve the good quality of the mud purification straight determines the quality and the price of drilling, high quality mud cleaning system plays some sort of decisive role in the process associated with drilling.
Our company, GN Solids Control drilling mud system processing in hopes of four level solid control and five level refinement. Level 4 solid control is the shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge processing, in addition to configure a collection of vacuum degasser to several level purification treatment of mud, processing after the completion of the actual mud solid particles length control in 2-5 micron. Processed the proper configuration, drilling fluid and to ensure that typically the drilling fluid parameters for instance viscosity, density of remade into the drill after applying, it is not only protection from the environment but also greatly preserves the drilling cost.

With regards to the medium during the drilling procedure, drilling cuttings and drilling mud is different also, it may be divided into water-based mud, oil-based mud and mud from the emulsion. GN Solids Control can design according to the desires of different drilling mud system, it will be rapidly, high-quality, efficient mud filter treatment and recycling. the company developed fourth generation G version of drilling cuttings dryer GNCD930D, unique design works extremely well in oil drilling cuttings OBM and composite drilling cuttings SBM, can also be used inside water base drilling cuttings WBM dry processing. GN type D dryer, increase to 1200 RPM, spliting up factors is as high while 750 g. Has consecutively, sequentially applied to oilfield, shengli oilfield, and other project, has got customer’s consistent high praise.


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