Successful Commissioning on Cyprus Jobsite for Waste Management Systems

Days ago, GN commissioning team has gone to Cyprus Jobsite for commissioning and first start of GN waste management system. This system is a standard design of GN Solids Control, with model GNCM 40 drilling waste management system, which is designed for OBM and SBM waste management system, but it is also suitable for WBM.

The commissioning work went very successfully, and the customer was quite satisfied with GN’s equipment quality and the professional engineers’ service. He give good comments on GN Solids Control and also Made In China products.

This system is combined of those equipments:

  1. GNCD 930C vertical cuttings dryer, this customer chose VFD control f or the vertical cuttings dryer and also equipped with a flushing pump. GN is the first China supplier who designed and made this machine and this one is of 3rd
  2. GNLW363BG-VFD Decanter centrifuge, 14 inch bowl diameter and positive pressurized control panel, international highest standard.
  3. Like V bottom mud tank after vertical cuttings dryer, for storage liquid discharge from vertical cuttings dryer. A submersible slurry pump for feeding the centrifuge is located on this tank.
  4. 2 sets of screw conveyers, on for feeding the vertical cuttings dryer, the other for collecting the cuttings discharged by the cuttings dryer.

In some cases, if the customer uses WBM only, he could choose a high –G drying shaker instead of vertical cuttings dryer. It will help to cut the cost. And GN is also professional in such shaker, GNZS594HGE-LD with a up to 8 G high-G force is especially designed for this purpose.

This same system as the one in Cyprus is very popular, each year, GN exports at least 10 sets of same systems to abroad. Pls contact me freely if you have interest of this. And you can also check the performance of such system by visiting the video on our website.

 Solids Control System 7


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